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Last updated: 04.08.2023

Chameleons FAQ for event organisers

Does the band need a stage?

Ideally, yes, even if it's just a few stage blocks.

This ensures that the band is separate from the dancers - removing the chances of dancers accidentally colliding with the band or our sound system.

Also, if the caller is raised up above the level of the dance floor, they have a much better chance of seeing what's going on, even at the back of the hall.

But don't worry if your venue doesn't have a stage - we play plenty of events where we set up on the floor. We do need to make sure we have enough space though, and there's a clear space between us and the dancers.

How much space does the band need?

A good sized space would be 6m x 2.5m.

That's enough room for 3 musicians, the caller, and 2 speakers.

Each of our 2 speakers needs a space of at least 1.2 x 1.2m - preferably well away from dancers and any through routes (e.g. away from the route to the exit, toilets or kitchen).

What else does the band need?

Just a normal power supply.

Ideally a small table to put our mixer/amp on.

4 chairs without arms.

How long does the band need to set up?

Chameleons will generally arrive 1 hour before your dance is due to start. This gives us plenty of time to bring in our PA and instruments, set them up, and then do a soundcheck. We can do it in less, but we'll play better if we've not had to rush.

At weddings, if we're playing in the same room as the wedding breakfast and speeches, this can mean that we can't even start setting up until some or all of the tables and chairs have bene cleared away. Please factor thsi in when planning your schedule.

Do we have to provide food and drink for the band?

Something to eat is always appreciated, and most event organisers include the band when planning the catering. We've often left home an hour or two before we arrive at your dance, so it might be some while since we last had the chance to eat.

If there is no food and drink at the event, please warn us in advance.

Do you have a Risk Assessment?

Yes - see Chameleons Risk Assessment (PDF)


To book Chameleons or Geckoes for your dance or festival contact:

Andy Turner      Tel. 01235 811757     email